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Believe right here

"And don

“And don’t be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. Where you are right now is Gods place for you. Live and obey and love and believe right there.”1 Corinthians 7:17 | message

This. Right here. This scripture is rolling around in my gut like a freight train. As a dreamer and visionary I have so much trouble with the right now. It feels like an anchor to my wings as I just want to take off and chase every dream that dances through my heart. Yet God works here. He’s in all the things. All the moments. All the day in day out choices I am making as I try and steward this season with every breath.


He knows that whatever is coming needs the footing that I am laying today. That every victory and every defeat and every triumph and broken heart forms a firm brick that will someday be the foundation to my story and support to my feet. He knows that what He’s wanting to unlock needs the relationships, the prayers, the quiet, and the fight of today to pave the way in my heart.

And so tonight I rest. I rest in knowing He’s got this. And that I am where I am with the people I’m with right now for a divine adventure. And my savior is reaching out His hand whispering…

Stop looking all around you… Stop wanting everything else… Just look to me… Come with me… Let’s run together… I have immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine. Take my hand.



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Readers Club – The Beauty of Believing | A girls devotional review

As the mom of a pre-teen girl I’m always on the lookout for encouraging and uplifting tools that can draw her heart to her creator.  The beauty of believing does just that.  In elementary language and relatable stories, the authors at faithGirlz did an incredible job of captivating the hearts of young ladies.  I gave this to my daughter a few weeks ago and was surprised when she brought it to me today and had read every single day since she got it.  Now that says something!  Thank you faithGirlz for giving my daughter something to get her in God’s word every day and prompting her to ponder His ways and how He helps her in the everyday.  It’s an answered prayer!

Here are my daughters thoughts which I think speak way more than mine…

When you read this devotional it feels like God is speaking to you in a special way.

I like that when they try to explain something to you  the make up little stories so you can understand what there trying to say.

Everything you read about in this devotional is about the hard times you are going through and how God can help through those hard times.

I think this devotional helps through any situation.

I like this devotional allot. I recommend this devotional to all girls 8 and older.

I hope you love this devotional as much as I do.

Ava – Age 9



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