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Draw the Circle… Day 5

Day 5 of our #circleprayerchallenge and I

Day 5 of our #circleprayerchallenge and I’m reminded of the importance of journaling not only my prayers but returning to my entries to record God’s answers and circle things that still need prayer.

My favorite line from today’s reading is that “we tend to remember things we should forget, and forget things we should remember.” How true is that!?!?

The story from today’s #drawthecircle devotional talked about reflecting back on a legacy of prayer. The crazy thing was. It just started with a dream. And she prayed that God would tug her heart to what He wanted. When He tugged, she moved. No matter the cost, or risk, or lack of security. It was her heart for prayer and His will that set her dreams in motion. Because He authored them in the first place. What an encouragement.

So today. In my prayer journal… I just started penning my dreams. And asking God that He would tug Isaac and my hearts in unity towards what He wanted. I can’t wait to reflect on today in 5 years and see what He does.



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