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I woke up this morning with words swirling around in my head and I knew it was one of those days where they wouldn’t  stop until I took the time to write them.  So here I am.  The whole house is quiet.  Except for the littlest pet shop TV show entertaining our early riser.  The […]

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It seems like forever ago now.  A lifetime really.  Since I sat on this concrete floor with one ball and hundreds of children in a Russian orphanage.  We played for hours.  Hugging them, kissing them, bouncing this little ball back and forth as we sang songs.   And there was this one boy, probably about […]

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Good morning lovies!  I woke up this morning and could NOT shake this so I had to reach out through the internet with a video selfie!   Hope that’s okay! And really hoping this is for someone so I didn’t just talk to myself for no reason! LOL!   Along with a Mini Making Things […]

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  • Christy Hendrick - I can’t say enough about the P31 Conference – I left with not only great new photography knowledge (my whole point in going originally), but also with a vast group of friends and colleagues who are fantastic, Godly, passionate women photographers. I can’t say enough WONDERFUL things about this conference, it was exactly the calm, rejuvinating, envigorating, educating, and LOVING experience that I needed – in this industry it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘cut-throat’ attitude and to see and hear from some really TRULY amazingly talented women – leaders in the industry – who also love God and just wanted to share their story and help others, I couldn’t ask for more! If you are on the fence, I would encourage you – DO WHATEVER IT TAKES (that’s what I had to do last year – scrape everything together, call in every favor, and feel all sorts of mommy guilt) but the rewards have been endless and far- reaching and worth the cost ten-fold. The group of women that I now call friends are worth even more than that!

  • Kristin Ungerecht - I am SO excited about this year’s conference! I know it’s going to be absolutely amazing! Last year was a much needed time for me to get away and hear from God. I can look back over last year and see all the ways He was preparing my heart for what He wanted to tell me at WinShape. It was pretty incredible. And then of course I LOVED being with so many amazing women! Everything we did- from worship to sessions that were layered in so much truth to meals shared with new friends- was so inclusive and full of an open hearted vulnerability. I had never experienced that much camaraderie and acceptance from people who were on day one practically strangers. It was my first real conference and it’s one I’ll be hoping to go to for years to come. 🙂

    Here’s my recap from last October… if you’re on the fence, read this and then SIGN UP. You won’t regret it! 🙂

  • Rita Brock - I didn’t find out about last year’s conference until it was to late to go. I knew that I would do whatever it took to go this year. When I saw the video and read all the posts about the last one it convinced me even more. I signed up as soon as possible for this year’s. years The knowledge that I’m going this year, anticipation for all I know I’ll learn.

  • Joni James - I cant imagine what my life would be like If I never went to the P31 Conference. I have made so many true friends and learned from so many fabulous people! I cant WAIT until next October!

  I had an impulse tonight. An impulse to look back and read about where I was. Hopeless. Discouraged. Ready to quit and begging my husband to let me. Fall. 2010. Our children were 3 & 5 and we had just finished shooting 17 weddings in 12 weeks. We missed their childhood that summer. We […]

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  • Sandy Shannon - Thank you for sharing! I think I could’ve written the first post just a few months ago. And the second post I completely identify with as well. God started showing me in the Spring how bound up in fear I am. It all started with the fear of taking my business to the next level, but it has become so much more than that…so much more personal. It’s actually kind of been a hard journey in a lot of ways because I have had to look back at how bound my life has been in fear and that makes me sad. But the exciting part is that I’m realizing that when I am led by fear I am not trusting Him. I do trust Him, I know that He would never hurt me that He has good plans for me so I am choosing to move forward and trust. During this process I have begun the journey to move my business forward, I am competing in a triathlon this fall (I’m by no means an athlete, but I’m conquering my fears) and this past week I jumped off a rope swing with my 8 year old! Life is good. Thank you for your encouragement and I would love to make the retreat but the dates don’t work for me…this year.

I have always been a lover of the 1940’s.  When other ten year olds were reading Nancy Drew and Ramona the Pest I was immersed in the Diary of Anne Frank and Amelia Earhart Autobiographies.  For years it was the only thing that my Mom could get me to read and every free report I […]

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  • Gertrude - perfecto!!
    i still haven’t set time aside to put a blog post together from this amazing shoot yet…but it will be happening soon!
    i’m so thankful that you were able to make your dream into a reality Karen. & that you allowed so many of us to join you for it! that was one of the coolest experiences & i’m still in awe just thinking about all of it!!
    thanks again!
    & these are of course, lovely!
    Gertie 🙂

  • Charity - Love it! So beautiful.

  • Courtney Clarke - Karen! These are perfection! Also, I completely LOVE your new logo! xoxo

Last year the onset of Pursuit 31 rocked my world! I STILL cannot believe how fast the community grew and all that God did through it.  We were able to put on 4 Sold Out retreats all over the country and meet so many amazing women who are passionate about keeping family first in their […]

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  • Luke Neumayr - We live right outside of Houston!

  • Mary Marantz - Love it! Love everything you guys are doing!

  • Deborah Zoe - Claire and Kelly are the best:)! Wish I could go!!

The older I get the more I realize that life doesn’t change much after high school.   I mean, we get older, we get married, and buy houses, and we realize that there is so much more than getting crowned homecoming queen.  Yet sometimes… it still feels like I am walking down that fluorescent lit […]

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  • Kelly - Karen, thank you for posting this. I am a people pleaser too and have had to learn to let go and let God. I agree to cherish the friends that are there and stick. Thanks my friend. <3 Kelly

  • Stacy childers - Well Said!

    I have had more than my share of haters in this life along with some seriously vicious gossip ( flat out lies) that has brought me to my knees on more than one occasion. It can be heartbreaking when you are in the midst of it and always seemed to go hand it hand with great success.

    Love them and pray for them ..that is the only way through it! Love until it hurts and then Love some more. Someone once told me ” People that hate are people that hurt” and I believe it to be true. Love them the best you can knowing that and remember if they weren’t hating on you they would be hating on someone else.

    In the end I made the wise choice of stepping out of the circle and allowing it to shift and did it ever!!! No more sleepless nights sobbing in my pillow worrying about what was being said and who was believing it. I let God fight the battle and moved on. Best decision of my life. <3

  • Faith Cherisse - Your already building something EPIC! xoxo

  • Jessica Frey - Love this post friend….something I know us people pleasers deal with often and sadly enough a feeling that can be appropriate at any stage of this business we all love! Love you for your accomplishments and your heart – proud of you for all you’ve done and thank you for sharing your heart and your successes! Um, and cannot wait to see you next month!!!!!

  • Angelsea Urban - Amen sistah! Thank you for sharing your heart and for being a wonderful example to SO many women! You are truly inspiring! XOXO

  • Jennifer - Good. For. You. Karen! Beautifully written and I love the verse you chose for this post. Its so hard when you are a people please to deal with persons who can be so harsh. I too, am learnning to deal with this and it’s no easy task. I think you, and I, will find we can give that energy to our family and be not only a better person but a better Mother too. j

  • Tammy - A really awesome post and so very true. U are so honest and loving karen. Thank u for being u.

  • Erin Oveis Brant - Your words really resonate with me today. “What they meant for destruction God used for instruction.”

    I have no idea about the exact circumstances that brought you to write this, but it is clear that what they meant for destruction YOU have used for instruction. That is a beautiful and powerful thing! Keep collecting those rocks and keep building <3

  • Randa - Very well written and said! I surround myself with people who have the same mindset as you! Keep it up!

  • Monica Reid - Love it Karen and love PS!! This post is so true and I admit i’m still learning to let go and let God I tend to worry and i hate that part of me that has bitterness or jealousy at times it’s a HARD industry thankfully worth it!

  • Chantel Ferraro - Amen Sister! I couldn’t have said it better…and believe me, I have. Funny, I just saw Taylor Swifts video this morning…said to myself I love that line… And here you are quoting it. Awesome. You my dear, are an epic woman.

  • Alisia K - I just love that last line. 🙂

  • Shauntelle - I was advised to read this today from a friend:) I am thankful I did, and thank you for putting into words the words in my head. Comforting to know that I am not alone.

  • pinky - thank you, i really needed this today =)