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I have been a full time photographer/ mom/ wife for the past 5 years. At first I refrained from calling myself a full time photographer because I did have so many other things tugging at me for my time. However when it came down to it, I calculated out just how much time was going […]

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  • Krista Conway - Love it!! Thanks for sharing your heart!

  • Bethany Chase - would you mind sending me your email address? i am so totally THERE right now, and i would love to chat with you.

  • Annette Turner - Thank you for sharing this incredibly inspring message of faith and for your continued support of others! May God continue with His blessings upon you and your family!

  • Kristin - This made me tear up a little bit! God truly is glorious and MERCIFUL! So incredibly merciful! It’s so encouraging to hear of people giving God control. This is a lesson I seem to keep having to relearn, but in the end, giving God the reins I was fighting so hard to hold onto is always a thousand times better than anything I could have dreamt!
    Thank you so much for this reminder!

  • Heidi - Wonderful post Karen!!!

I’m coming to you today with extreme excitement and slight disbelief. I’ve always had a slight obsession with the WW2 Era. Coming from a long line of veterans spanning WW2, Vietnam and the gulf war, I have a special place in my heart for all things military. However anything from the 1940’s has my heart. […]

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As many of you know we’ve had to keep our lips quite sealed for the past few months.  But alas… It. Is. Time!  The thing is, I hate surprises.  I always have.   So having to keep all of this from you has been horrible.  I can just feel the anticipation from everyone and I […]

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  • DAWN DAVIS - I’m so excited to be part of this adventure with you all…!!!! It’s an incredibly wonderful feeling to give yourself completely and wholeheartedly to our dear Lord. He has not steered me wrong once since I stopped thinking that my life was in my control. I’m so blessed by his presence in my life. He’s is our father and when we finally break down all the barriers, we can feel Him right there! It’s a wonderful feeling!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  • Kristal Locke - Love!!!

  • Jessica Frey - SOO proud of you Karen, what an experience you’ve created….can’t wait to give you hugs in person soon miss you dearly!!!

  • Melinda Bunker - I can’t wait to attend!! xoxo

  • Melinda Bunker - BTW…YOU know I am so proud of you Karen! 🙂

If you know me much at all you know that I just LOVE to laugh.  I love to talk.  I love to listen.  I love to tell stories until the wee hours of the morning.  But to sit.  To be quiet.  To be still.  Now that’s a completely different story. This last week I spent […]

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  • Jessica Frey - Oh my goodness!! Absolutely loved this post – love seeing you follow your heart and could that shoot be any cuter?! Big hug friend and congrats on another amazing P31 retreat!!

  • Tammy - i’m going ga-ga for this shoot!

I am ABSOLUTELY beyond a shadow of a doubt ELATED for this next announcement.  Isaac and I have been trying to get to the East Coast for 5 years and it is FINALLY happening! EEEEEEEKKKKK! If you can’t feel my enthusiasm by now… read on!  So far we have taken the Pursuit 31 Retreat to […]

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  • Kori Jo - hhmmm… you are really wanting to make me a traveler these days 🙂 I know it will be AMAZING!

  • Sarah Bardo - you realize I have NO CHOICE now but to move heaven and earth to be there, right?

  • Angelsea Urban - Already registered! I. can’t. wait. 🙂

  • Nancy Tate Mitchell WrapGirl - Looks lovely and THE NOTEBOOK is one of my favorite movies!

It’s been one of those times.  One of those seasons where I wrestle.  Wrestle with my schedule.  Wrestle with myself.  Wrestle with God.  I know He’s there.  I can feel it.  But sometimes I wonder why He doesn’t write out in big puffy clouds every step He wants me to take on this journey.   […]

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  • Feuza - beautifully written and whispers are so hard especially in this loud world we live in and especially with my loud mouth, well even my thoughts are loud but we must stop and listen for sure, great reminder thanks girl

  • Elizabeth Langford - It’s hard to remember in the chaos of life that God doesn’t need to shout or be loud to be heard… but we have to tune in so we’ll hear Him. Thank you for sharing this today Karen, my heart and head needed the reminder.

  • Kelly - Sometimes the world is so loud that you have to make a point to listen to the whispers. Sometimes it’s so hard but it’s so worth it. God’s whispers are so beautiful. Thanks Karen for this blog post. May we all learn to listen for the whispers!

  • Kymberly - Oh i soooo needed to read this, thank you!!!

  • eryn - Tears in my eyes. I needed to hear this today!

  • Janice - What a great word. Thank you!!!