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My top 12 most asked questions

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  • Where do you get your journals printed?

If you’ve been a blog reader for longer than a few days you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve, trust everyone to a fault and want to help you any way that I can.  And this question is no exception.  However, it may not be the answer you are looking for.  When I set out to create my journals I wanted to create something unique, lasting, beautiful and top notch quality.  I’m sure you’re wanting the same.   I also though, wanted something truly unique in the journal market.  I searched endlessly for the good part of a year before finding a manufacturer that fit us perfectly.  With that said, I want to challenge you to do the same.  There are SO many great printers and manufacturers out there, all with different uniqueness and niches.   Call around, talk to local printers, get test journals made.  Find what is important to you and your product.  I have a great respect for this small little world of Christian books & stationary, and I’m excited to see new things come to the marketplace.  With that said, I don’t give out manufacturing information because I truly want Unique things to be launched.  You’ve got this.  I know you can find the perfect printer for exactly what you have in mind if you set your heart on it. 

  • How do I become a speaker at Pursuit Conference?

Well hmmm… this is a harder one to answer because we aren’t God… lol.  Short answer… we pray about every one of our speakers, and talk about them in great length before asking someone to speak.  We take stewarding Pursuit very seriously, and we have a membership of around 10,000, so who we select to speak into their lives is a big deal, and one we don’t take lightly.  My first recommendation would be to find your voice and hone your message.  Countless times I get approached by someone who wants to speak and I ask them what they want to speak on, and A, they have a list a mile long on possible topics, or say, “I don’t know, whatever you need me to.”  While I appreciate the flexibility, that’s not exactly the answer we are looking for.   We all have a story to tell.   God has given us all our share of trials and situations, and that is what we want to know.  What’s your story?  What’s your message?  What burns in your heart so much you feel like you’re going to burst?  THAT is what we want to hear about.   Make sure that is the message you are putting out there.  That you are blogging or writing about that.  That will help huge.  Another thing I would encourage you to do is get involved.  We aren’t a conference of popular people.  We aren’t only asking speakers with 20,000 followers.  We have speakers with 200 followers.  We just want to get to know you.  So come to a conference.  Get involved in a Pursuit group in your area.   Say hi.  Comment on our Instagram.  Help us get to know you.  Then, let us know you’re interested.  Hope to see you around soon!

  • How can I start a Pursuit group in my area?

Easy peasy!!! Just visit… THIS LINK.. scroll all the way to the bottom, and fill out the application.

  • Who designed your blog?

Well… there are a bunch of parts to that… I use Prophoto for all of my blog themes.   I buy one of their add on templates and I customize the heck out of it.  I’ve been using Prophoto for about 7-8 years so I am very well versed in their program.  I do everything from navigation changes to sidebar stuff, to more complicated pieces.  But I always find a theme with good bones.  I really liked the bones of this theme and the landing home page, so I chose it, and then changed a ton of stuff.

  • How do you do everything?

God’s grace.  And coffee.  Just kidding.. kinda.. A few years ago I wrote THIS POST… all about how I balance being a work at home mom… check it out and hopefully it will help with some of that.  I just realized I did that almost two years ago, so I should probably go in and update it! LOL!

  • Can I send you something?

Um.. YES!  Gifts is one of my love languages… so receiving things totally makes me feel all giddy.  I can’t guarantee that I will post about it, but if it turns out to be something I genuinely love ( which I probably will ), and I think my readers would enjoy it too, then of course I will share it!   I have a weakness for home decor, paper goods, and anything kid related… just saying… Just send me a note and my assistant will provide you the address.

  • Will you write a guest blog for me?

Currently I’m a mama of 3, wife to one, ministry leader, shop owner, blogger, and I’m writing a book.  So as much as it saddens me to not be able to help you, I just can’t add more things to my plate right now.  If you would like to feature a post that I’ve already written, go for it!  Just send us a note telling us you’re doing so 🙂   If you’d like to do an interview style post about me instead of a guest post, that it WAY more doable.  Send over a max of 5 questions and I will see if I can fit it into my schedule.  Here is one of my recent interview features for Kristin Schmucker.

  • Can you come speak at our conference/ workshop?

That sounds like a lot of fun!  Loving on women and encouraging them in their journeys is one of my favorite things to do and something God has stirred in my heart as one of my greatest callings.  Shoot me an email and let’s talk.  I would love to try and make that work!

  • Do you have wholesale pricing for your journals?

We are working on that!  We would love to do more wholesale orders, so if you’re interested please email the shop and we will get you the info you need!

  • I signed up for your Printable Club but I can’t find out how to download them.  Can you help?

YES!!! When you signed you, you were prompted to create a login with Tiny Pass… our membership software.  By the 1st of every month, the new printable bundles will be available on the website.  Sadly, the software doesn’t have a way to email all of our members to let you know that the bundles are up, so you’ll just have to check back in with us on the 1st.   To download your printables, just visit www.intentionalhomeproject.com sign in with Tiny Pass, and then click on the appropriate bundle to obtain your downloads.  If you still have issues, send us a note and we will happily help you resolve it.

  • I would love to collaborate with you!  Do you do that?

Of course! One of my absolute favorite things about blogging is the amazing women I have met through it.  If you have a collaboration idea, please send a note my way!

  • I would love to advertise on your blog?  Where can I learn about that?

Good news! You can learn about it right here!  I’ve been blogging for several years now, and one thing that is huge for me is that I stand behind my word and my recommendations.  I want to be a trusted resource for women.   Not just a place where people can find products that may or may not work.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to curate a collection of things that I love and would honestly recommend to a friend at dinner than to just sell open ad space.  Does that make sense?  Over the next few month I will be adding a collection of  “Gold Stars” to my sidebar.  Rooted in my deep love for Rachel Berry, office supplies, and all things gold, I thought it would be a fun way to share with my audience things that I have seen, used, read, worn and actually LOVE in person.  Just like if I was sharing an office space with someone, I wouldn’t open the room up anyone.  I would want to make sure that we meshed together well, that they were uniquely awesome, and that they jived with my friends.  Also important, I would want to make sure that my new office mate paid for the office space that they used.   The same methods of crazy go for my Gold Stars recommendations.  First, I’m going to just see if what you’ve got is something I’d rave to my friends about…. if it is, awesome!  Next, we would just set up a little something to compensate for the space you’re using.  If you are a blogger, and you’d like to trade side bar space… I’d love to chat about that as well!