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It’s always nice to be patriotic when visiting daddy’s fire station. ️ I simply cannot wait to see Logan’s face when he sees fireworks for the first time. At least the first time he will care. He is so animated. God gave us the biggest gift by letting us explore the world freshly through his eyes.

Happy 4th of July sweet friends!

Hey sweet friend!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by this space once again and we are getting to connect in this way.  I seriously am so grateful for you and I really want to be the best steward I can be of our time together.  You’re busy.  I get that.  You’ve got dreams keeping you up at night and dinners to prep.  You’re probably reading this on your phone in carpool line or starbucks line, depending on the time of day, and I just want to say, thank you.  Thank you for showing up here and bringing purpose to this little slice of my life.  Without you, there’d be no reason to keep pouring out and doing what I do.  So, thank you.

I truly want to get to know you and figure out what makes you tick.  I want to know the ideas that are brewing, what is holding you back, and how I can help make them a reality for you.  I would be so honored if you would take a few minutes and fill out THIS SURVEY so I can bring you more of the content and inspiration that you are desiring!

And as a thank you, I’ll be randomly choosing a few submissions to send out some Intentional Home goodies to!




Thank you so much for your interest in my mentor sessions.  One of my biggest passions is helping women find their calling and pursue their purpose.  Do you have a big idea that you just don’t know where to start?  Are you feeling called to something bigger and you need help building a road map?  Are you knee deep into an endeavor and you’ve hit a road block or just need someone to come alongside you and cheer you on?  Well then, I’m your girl!


Currently I’m accepting a few ladies a month to work with one on one to build the life & business of their dreams. There are several options to choose from

1 60 minute skype – $175

2 60 minute skypes $300 ( 2 payments of $150)

3 60 minute skypes $399 ( 3 payments of $133 )

Please email karen@pursuitcommunity.com or contact me through the blog to set up a session!


We are embarking on a new project that I’m ecstatic about and cannot wait to share all of the details with you.  This new project will be mentorship and friendship on crack and I’m GUSHING inside about it.  It will require a 6 month commitment to our little club, and hopefully, a few trips to Oregon to hang out in person.  This will be extremely exclusive and very limited, but we would LOVE to have you in on the adventure.  It will be $200 a month for 6 months and will include a 2 day retreat, a holiday party, 1 group mentor session, a private online group, and 4 individual mentor sessions.   If you are interested in learning about this exciting new group, please send an email to karen@pursuitcommunity.com and my assistant will get you on the list!


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests from business owners to showcase their products or endorse their business.   While I’m super flattered that people find me interesting enough to be a spokesperson, that’s just not who I am.  I would fail miserably as a salesperson, at least in the traditional sense of the word.  But, because I’m ultra passionate about things that I do actually love, I make an amazing friend reference.  For the last ten years I have worked hard to establish myself as a professional, honest, fun, hardworking and authentic business woman.  Trust is of HUGE importance to me.  You could even say that it is one of the most important things to me.  I LOVE that this space has become a very trustworthy source for women on the internet.  I pride myself on it actually.  I want to continue to be a source of authentic recommendations and honest inspiration.  With that said, endorsements and advertisements just ain’t my thang 🙂

However, there is nothing I love more than sharing about products and companies that I love with my friends on these pages.   As a small business owner myself, I wholeheartedly understand the value of exposure from people in your target market, and I would love to be that voice for you if your product lines up with my values and style.  There are several options we can discuss from IG shoutouts, to blog reviews, to sidebar recommendations on the blog.  If you’d be interested in any of these things, please send me an email with information about you, your business and your product and we will see if we are a good match!

Looking forward to getting to know you!



Here are some photos of products that were given to me in exchange for helping these companies spread the word and/or reviewing their item.  As you can see… I try very hard to incorporate items into my normal posts to give my readers an authentic view of how I use them on a daily basis.  I do not collaborate with everyone who inquires, because if I truly don’t like it, I’m not going to say so.  



So.. do you want to collaborate?  How fun! I’d LOVE to chat with you!  Send an email to me at Hello@intentionalhomeshop.com and we can get started!

I am just beside myself…. after months of dreaming, planning, researching and designing, our first ever Kids Journal is here!

Introducing… My Adventure Journal with Archer & Friends!

We invite you and your little ones on an adventure of faith with our furry little fox friend named Archer! The name Archer came from someone who is setting their eyes and aiming at a target. We believe that fulfilling God’s purposes for our lives is our target, and God’s Word is our guidebook of truth. Archer goes on a series of Adventures throughout our Summer Journal and we hope he will fill the little hearts in your home with an excitement to start journalling their own stories, ponder what is going on in their lives, and get in God’s Word to find direction & comfort.

Our Summer Journals Sold Out in record time.

Get on the list for our School Journal release & get a special discount code!


cover image


weekly page memory journal
things you said 2
meet archer page
I am
i am - about me page
daily pages
closeup of daily page
close up of cover
bible reference page
all about me and letter page

This is our very first Adventure Journal and it is specifically designed with Summer in Mind.

Our Summer Journal includes

-A soft bound magazine/coloring book style cover with glossy finish for easy wiping

-160+ pages with 20 different custom illustrated coloring pages with Archer & his friends.

-13 weeks of Adventure writing with 5 daily journal pages each week, and 1 weekly memory journal page

– 1 All About Me Page ( this is one of my favorite things the kids do in school each year, but storing a 2’x3′ poster isn’t always the easiest, so I wanted to incorporate something similar in this journal)

– 1 Handprint page to trace, paint, or draw the outline of your child’s hand

– 2 Letter pages – We believe that words are powerful. Much of the Bible is compiled of letters written to the church. Since our goal for these journals is that they will be the keepers of your children’s stories, we wanted to add something extra special, and give you space to write to them in the back of their journals.

– 1 Things You Said Page – We all know that our kids say the best things. We wanted to give you a page to jot down their funny sayings, and cute mumbles that also accounted for the time and season they said them in. Recording their words and knowing it was Summer of 2015 when you read them years later will become a priceless memory.

– 1 Encouraging words page – This page is to be filled out by family and friends. Think of it like the back of your yearbook when everyone signs it. They could take it to summer camp, or Vacation Bible School or simply a play date or family BBQ and get it filled up with encouraging life giving words from loved ones.

– I AM reference page. At the beginning of the journal there is a page dedicated to a bunch of verses that reference who we are in Christ and how He made us. This becomes an amazing tool of affirmation and confirming their identity in Christ.

– 9 Pages of Feelings with Bible References – During the daily pages there are boxes to for your child to write out how they feel that day, right next to that is a box that says “What does God say about how I feel?”. The purpose of adding this in is to help children understand and form patterns that God cares about how they feel, and has something in the Bible that applies to them. Our hope and prayer is that this activity will help show kids that God’s word is more than just good stories, it is alive and active, and does actually apply to their lives today!

Are you excited about the Adventure Journal???

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It is our dream that these journals will become the building blocks of their legacies and that you, and they, will treasure them for years to come and enjoy reading back about what they wrote through these pages.


We are in the process of finalizing our School Year version of Archer’s Adventure Journal. A 39 week journal created to continue this journey of exploring God’s word, and also preserve the story of your children’s 4-10 year old years. It is our hope that the Adventures with Archer series will become a loved staple in many homeschool communities and Christian Schools. If you are interested in having these journals for your classroom or homeschool group, please email me at hello@intentionalhomeshop.com and we will get you set up!

If you would like to sell this series in your boutique, please email hello@intentionalhomeshop.com with ‘wholesale’ in the subject line.

Archer the Fox and the Adventures with Archer series is copyrighted and trademarked under US Trademark and Patenting Laws.

Any duplication or copying of these materials is prohibited under penalty of law.

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  • Yana Poplavsky-Myrmyr - These look like something my kids would enjoy! Shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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  • Kre Davis - Awesome giveaway. Thank you. I shared on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/PartyCraftnMom/children-s-ministry/

  • Kre Davis - Awesome giveaway. Thank you. I shared on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/PartyCraftnMom/children-s-ministry/

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I am seriously SO excited about this months Printable Club theme!  Our artist are SO incredible and she blows my mind every month with what she comes up with!

Here is the FREE Print for the month!  I think I might hang it up in my kids rooms for a little bit of a subtle reminder! LOL!


If you like this print… you’ll LOOOOOOVEEEE the rest of the printables in our club this month… so many feathers and robin’s eggs! They’re freaking ADORABLE!

Here’s a little preview… If you’re not a member yet.. you should DEF get on the train!  Our designer handpaints each months collections with the cutest themes ever.  It just makes the mundane parts of homemaking a little more lovely.   You can become a member HERE!



Know someone who’d love to use these?  Share it below!

  • Crystal Dever - This is beautiful. Does she do a KJV at all?

This month marks 2 years into our adoption journey to bring our babe home from Uganda.  I

This month marks 2 years into our adoption journey to bring our babe home from Uganda. I’m not gonna lie. Waiting sucks. But it’s part of God’s design since the beginning of time.

We wait for sunrise.

We wait for spring

We wait for our natural babies,

And we wait to hold close a babe who’s experienced tragedy beyond comprehension and offer unconditional love…

God is in the waiting. And so, we continue to wait.

Honored to share an update on our adoption journey on The Archibald Project’s blog today.