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"Comparing ourselves to each other is like asking God who is the greatest in heaven all over again." @bobgoff This quote rings so true to my soul lately.  It

“Comparing ourselves to each other is like asking God who is the greatest in heaven all over again.” Bob Goff


This quote rings so true to my soul lately. It’s been eating at me how much comparison and competition there is in the Christian culture. I mean seriously… We are all on the same team. It makes me crazy to see people vying for position and only promoting their own products and endeavors when God has put just as much or more gifts in someone else’s hands. Let’s be cheerleaders for each other!

We are all in this together, and who knows… Each one of us could be stepping stones for someone to reach Christ. Maybe they get a little from me, and maybe they get a little from someone else, and another someone and another someone until they are finally at the point of asking Him to come into their heart. How amazing is that? It’s never just us. It’s never just our testimony, or just our product, or just our conference. We are simply stepping stones, called to help lost souls get a little bit closer to knowing Him. Sometimes it takes one stone, sometimes two and sometimes all of them… But we are ALL a part of it. So here’s a shout out of encouragement to some sweet friends who are amazing stepping stones to Jesus. And have been huge encouragers to me. We can’t compete with our own team friends, and these women get that. So let’s encourage and promote others who are on this road with us. Trust me… They can reach people you can’t even think of reaching. And vise versa.

Who can you cheer on today? Maybe send them a text, or pick up the phone, or tag them below. We all need a little encouragement sometimes. Someone to come alongside and say… Girl, you’ve got this… So if that’s you today…. YOU”VE GOT THIS. God has already given you everything you need. Go get Em.

Just when you thought the world was safe.... Steer clear, or me and my unicorn may just shoot you with rainbow ball  #alltheyays

My family and I were on a spontaneous vacation a few weeks back and wandered into a toy store… because.. that’s what you do with 3 kids.  I have to admit… I LOOOOOVE toy stores. I think I may have more fun in them than my kids do except I’m usually the one spending the money.  I spotted these Unicorn Poppers on an end cap and I promise, red puffy hearts started popping out of my head like your favorite emoji.  I love nerf guns.. but they are seriously less happy than unicorns shooting rainbow balls.  Am I right or am I right?

If unicorns aren’t your cup of tea, then HogWild Toys has an entire line of poppers shooting all sorts of different things from squirrels with acorns, to fish with bobbers and even monsters shooting out their eyes.  Check out their site to find some of your favorites and then stock up, and surprise your family & friends with a super fun random ball shoot out!

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Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 8.40.17 PM

Hey friends!

Whew… we are growing… and it is SO exciting!  But with that I have found the need to expand my team and hire an official blog manager.  Yes, the photos and the writing will still be mine, I just have so many things in draft phase and I need to unleash them into the world!  That is where YOU come in!  I am looking for an incredibly forward thinking, organized person who is well acquainted with wordpress & pinterest who’d love to join the Karen Stott/ Intentional Home team!

I’m also a firm believer that people work best in environments where they are encouraged in their own passions, and challenged to become the best versions of themselves.   If you are chosen, then I am in your corner.   Not only will you be working for me, but I will in a sense be working for you.  Part of our Skype time each month will be spent on digging into your own dreams and how I can help you fulfill those.  If this sounds like you, and you’re able to carve 7 hours out of your week to join the crew, than I’d LOVE for you to APPLY HERE!!!





Oh my goodness!!!! Aren

Oh my goodness!!!! Aren’t they just peachy? February’s Printable Club has just been posted! We also have bundles specifically designed for planning, wives and mama’s to bring more purpose and fun to your relationships, your home, and your business!

Get your set for just $4.99 HERE and bring some gorgeousness to your organization! We also have some freebies headed out to our community subscribers!  Join our community in the side bar for inspiration, tips, challenges and a free printable every month.


  • Andrea Polonetsky - I just found your blog yesterday and I’m so excited! I love what you stand for and the printables are perfect for me 🙂 I signed up for the newsletter and for all three bundles of the printables. Now how do i get them?? I’m so excited to print them! Thanks!

  • Andrea Polonetsky - Thank you! 🙂

  • Jessica Uphold Crawford - I just went to your link in the above comment and it is asking to sign up with tiny pass. I was doing that but then it’s asking for my credit card info to purchase the monthly packages but I have already done that!!! I am just trying to figure out how to print February’s!!!! This is so hard!

  • Karla Lees - Hi Karen,
    I too cannot access the link to print February, even though I have signed up for the monthly packages. Can you please help?

For the last few days we

For the last few days we’ve been staying at our sweet friends house to recharge and renew our visions for the new year. It’s been such a huge gift as we have so many expenses down the pipe with our adoption and housing situation. So this time away that has little to no expenses has been such a blessing to my heart and boost in my faith. This note has been sitting on the shelf in the hall and I can’t help but praise Him for the sweetest reminder of his faithfulness. He will provide everything we need for what He has called us to. And this weekend has been such a beautiful testament to that.

Welcome to Intentional Home Project!  Our Monthly Printable Club!

We are so glad you’ve stopped by Intentional Home!!! Each month we will release 3 Collections of beautiful hand painted & lettered printables to help you be more Intentional at home and in your business.  We even designed special faith filled bundles specifically for marriage and motherhood!

I’ve always struggled with staying organized, so I figured if I could find something pretty that could help, and it has!!! We know how busy you are which is why we’ve made this SUPER easy. Once you’re an IHP Member,  we will send your Printable Bundles directly to your inbox before the start of the next month! How great is that!?!? Then, all you have to do is press print and boom, you’re on your way to a more productive, AND beautiful month. Each Bundle has a different focus that we pray becomes a blessing to your family. Choose one, two or all 3 bundles for the most savings! No joke, as a busy mama-preneur these printables have actually made me excited about organizing. Even more importantly, they’ve helped me become a better steward of the lives God has placed in my home. Our love is richer, deeper, and more fun that it was before.  Simply because I am taking more time to plan my schedule, prepare my heart, be purposeful with my time, and prioritize what matters most.  And can’t we all agree that those are the good things of life?  I’d love to help you get back to the good stuff, and it’s my hope and prayer that these papers can be a part of it.

Here’s a snippet about each of our Bundles.


  • A Monthly Calendar, with memories you want to make list built in- keep track of goals, appts, fun life events, and moments you want to make happen on a pretty calendar
  • Weekly Calendars including: What I have to do this week, what I want to if I have time and one with a meal plan option, one without
  • Dream brainstorm sheet & action plan
  • Weekly meal plan worksheet with grocery list
  • Monthly Big To Do list
  • Daily Do’s list


  • 2 date night cards
  • 1 Intentional Love Worksheet to help you grow in your relationship
  • 1 Art Print about Love
  • Love Notes Cards to leave around the house, 1 blank set, 1 with prompt
  • 4 Prayer focus cards for your spouse
  • Focus Bible verse for the month



  • 2 Project/Craft cards
  • 1 All about Me questions sheet
  • 2 kids memory verse cards
  • 1 Mommy & Me date night card
  • 4 Prayer focus cards for your kids
  • Lunchbox cards to leave notes or verses in your children lunches, 1 blank set, 1 with prompts



  • April Toner Tucker - where do i sign in to get my April Planning bundle? I forget.:/

  • Amanda Hawkins - I also need some direction on how to pint the April printables…I just paid for the subscription, and it brings me to this page but no directions. Thanks!

  • Stacey Nicole - These are lovely! I’m curious, do you have an affiliate program for them?

  • Natalie Carter Pinkey - I am downloading the July printables but they are still June!?

  • Natalie Carter Pinkey - I am downloading the July printables but they are still June!?

  • Etresia Kruger Godoy - Can you please give direction on how to print after purchase……. the links brings me back to your blog thanks

  • Lauren Schoeny - i do the monthly charge for all three bundles and for some reason can not access august printables, any suggestions?

  • Lauren Schoeny - are october printables ready yet?

  • Bethany Martin - It doesnt look like any new bundles have been available since September 2015, yet I am still being charged every month. How do I unsubscribe from the bundles so I will no longer be charged for a product Im no longer getting?!

Wow... These last 5 months since I started this account have been so much fun.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being here and for following along in my story.  This photo kinda sums me up.... I love whimsy, adventure, vintage trailers, Aqua, thrifting and all sorts of DIY projects.  Even though I

Wow… These last 5 months since I started this account have been so much fun. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being here and for following along in my story. This photo kinda sums me up…. I love whimsy, adventure, vintage trailers, Aqua, thrifting and all sorts of DIY projects. Even though I’m content in our #1000footadventure , usually at some point during the day I’m wishing for a larger space for our family of 5 simply because I have ran out of places to decorate. I’m praying someone will give us a farm one day so we can minister to more people in person. But until then… My Pinterest board gets the grunt.


I’m a dreamer… And more recently God has shown me that Im a builder. I build things. And I love it. I dream of days sitting around a table with girlfriends, collaborating, and inspiring each other. It’s probably one of my favorite things besides family time. That must be why God led me to start @pursuitcommunity 4 years ago. I just Love being a part of something bigger than myself. I love sowing into other people’s dreams and giving them the tools to execute. I’m a little giddy tonight as I scroll through the #pursuitgatherings feed watching creative women dreaming together all over this beautiful world. I’m so humbled and honored to watch it unfold knowing this is just the beginning. God is so so good.


Another tidbit you may not know about me… I love school supplies. And all things paper really. And pencils. Oh my stars. I also love the smell of gasoline. And very VERY large dogs. I started this shop of mine to raise money for our #ugandaadoption and I pray for our littles over there all the time. That they will be protected and comforted and Gods grace will cover this time in their lives. In the process I fell in love with designing journals so that’s where you’ll find me if I have any spare time. Designing journals. Or getting cozy with a blanket and episodes of parenthood. That’s kinda me in a nutshell right now… Just thought for some of you that don’t know me yet to find out some more about me.

Now it’s your turn! What random things should I know about you? Do we have anything in common?