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God has been all sorts of bumping up against my comfy lately.  I shouldn

God has been all sorts of bumping up against my comfy lately. I shouldn’t be surprised… He never promised us comfort… But man it sure would be nice for a little bit right? I’ve been circling around a lot of emotions this week but the overwhelming words that keep spinning to the forefront have too often been grumbles. And I’m not a fan of that.

I’ve been focusing so much on the why nots and the what ifs and they if onlys that I’ve lost sight of what is. The truth of the matter is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. So there is nothing that tomorrow holds that I don’t already have… for tomorrow… Or whatever’s next He will be the same. He will still be my every and only. And isn’t that all that matters?

A few days ago I felt myself holding back tears over dinner. I cried silently in my heart… God… Hasn’t it been enough already? Haven’t we gone through enough? Will I ever get to breathe again? Like fully breathe? Will any of the dreams that are dancing through my veins come to pass or will they die silently along with these tears? I heard Him whisper loudly to my heart….”but if nothing ever changes… And you never leave this place… And none of those things ever come to pass… Will I still be enough?” I sat in heavy silence wondering what was about to come bubbling up from my soul…. I’m not sure I thought to myself… What if?

Since then He’s been beckoning me deeper…. Wooing me with long cries, timely songs and foggy country sunsets…. And as I take enough time to soak it in, to breathe it deep, and to truly be thankful … I can feel a new thing rising up… That HE is always and the one and only Enough.

We communicate via scrabble tiles around here....

One of the things I’ve loved most this year is the addition of a bowl of scrabble letters in a milk glass candy dish on the hutch in our kitchen.  Every few days I pass by it and find something else to read.  The children change it… I change it.. this morning I found this note from hubby.  It’s a simple bit of whimsy that I’ve come to just adore in our home.  So next time you see a jar of scrabble letters when you’re thrifting.. pick them up!  And start leaving love notes around your house!

  • Shannon McFive McConnell - Love this…like, A LOT!

Happy New Year Friends!!! As I was reflecting on 2014 I noticed that God did a lot in my heart when it came to showing me different aspects of what love ACTUALLY means.  It made me want to write out the Bible verse somewhere that I could see it all the time.  We had this designed for our January Intentional Home Bundle and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you!  Click HERE for your FREE PRINTABLE!


We also launched our Printable Bundles Today and I am just THRILLED!  Launching today we now have bundles that focus on Organization, Motherhood & Marriage!  You can get one membership, any combo of 2 or all 3! From 4.99 – 9.99 a month depending on what you choose!  The best part…. ALL membership costs go directly to our Adoption Fund that we are currently in the Home Study process with.  We would be SO honored if you’d consider being a part of our story by becoming a member!  View all the details and become a member over HERE!

Just sent out this beautiful print and the rest of our January Printables to our #intentionalhomeproject Members and I

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I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I’m a builder.  A starter.  I build things.  I literally believe to the core of me that I was created to create.   I lay awake at night dreaming of other people’s businesses.  It’s a sickness really.  Ask anyone that’s close to me.  I used to think that all the ideas and connections in my head were all for me, that I was somehow supposed to act on every single dream, website, branding idea, business name, and world need that filled the space I love most… my day-dreams.  I used to think that everyone thought like me, that everyone could see where a business was lacking, or why a business name is perfect from the core, or how to create the perfect brand from website, to packaging, to words… but more and more I am finding I was very wrong.  I used to think that everyone had my connections and abilities.. so why would anyone need me?  Everyone knows how to secure a business name and trademark and website right?  Doesn’t everyone know how to fully customize their blog, create all of their own branding, do all of their own photography, marketing, collaborations and presentations?

It’s taken me a long time to realize that’s not true.  Nearly a decade actually.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years.  I’ve ran successful photography businesses, blogs, retreats, workshops, conferences, a ministry, and now a print and journal shop. All of which, in a very short time were able to sustain my financial needs, and allow me to stay at home with our kids, and provide the life we want.  Everything has always come easy for me when it comes to starting businesses and making them profitable.  I’m not saying it was easy, it was brutally hard work, late nights, tears, celebrations, all the things that come with being a business owner, but it came to me easily.  It was fun.  And enjoyable.  Hurdles for others don’t feel like hurdles for me.  I know now that God has given me the gift of a starter.  An innovator.  I’m a builder, through and through.  And I really need to build things.  Like, really.  It’s as invigorating to me as a spa day or completing a marathon.  I love all things building.  It’s the maintaining that brings the struggle for me.  And God’s doing miracles in my heart everyday about that.

But here is where you come in.  I want to help you build something.  Nearly on a weekly basis someone is reaching out to me for some sort of business advice about a new venture they are starting…. and it makes me giddy.. like GIDDY.  Sometimes my hubby and I will be driving and I am just sitting silently starring out the window… he’ll ask me what I’m thinking about and I respond… ” So and so text.. they are trying to find a name for their business… and I can’t stop thinking about it.”   “Okay.” he says… and on and on and on my mind goes.  I seriously live for this stuff.  So let’s do this.  Let’s build something together.  I want to dream with you… and problem solve with you and share my resources with you.  It would make me crazy happy to see you succeed in that idea that keeps you up at night.

I decided last fall that I wanted to take on a very small amount of builder sessions every month.  I say very small because I seriously put so much of myself into these projects.  I’ve worked with several close friends helping them pull together their dreams into realities and I feel like I’m giving birth each time.  I want to walk this road with you, and be your cheerleader, advocate, and resource.   Ideally we can meet up once or twice a month on Skype and dream and problem solve together until we high five each other at your launch party!

Sound like fun?  Send me an email through the blog.. or to karen@pursuit31.com I would LOVE to dream with you!


Builder sessions are $150 for 1 60 minute skype, $270 for 2 60 minute skypes or $325 for 3 60 minute skypes.   Email today to secure your slot

Been tucked away in a snowed in Wyoming wonderland the last few days and I honestly have no idea what

Been tucked away in a snowed in Wyoming wonderland the last few days and I honestly have no idea what’s going on in the world…And you know what? It’s been So life giving. I’m currently snuggled up by the fire watching my love and our oldest daughter play cribbage as the laughter of the boy cousins sword fighting drifts up the stairwell.

No wonder our heavenly Father calls us to stillness sometimes.

There is so much goodness in the pause.

The breath.

The spaces where the world slows and giggles and pitter patters of tiny feet become a tangible gift you can almost wrap your arms around.

It’s there, in the quiet, when we actually slow down enough, that we can hear Him. I feel Him saying to my heart….. I see you. I’m still here. And you have never been forgotten. I am nearer than you think.

And ALL these things, and all these worries, and all these doubts vanish in My presence.

Rest in Me.

For I see it ALL as good.

And someday, either here or with Me in eternity, you will see it that way too.