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Vintage Aircraft Pursuit 31 Retreat ~ Portland January 25 & 26th

I’m coming to you today with extreme excitement and slight disbelief. I’ve always had a slight obsession with the WW2 Era. Coming from a long line of veterans spanning WW2, Vietnam and the gulf war, I have a special place in my heart for all things military. However anything from the 1940’s has my heart. When I saw the movie Pearl Harbor my heart skipped a beat and I knew that I WOULD do a shoot with vintage aircraft one day. Several years ago I stumbled upon an Aircraft Museum within a few hours of my home and the dream began.

And today… I am ELATED to tell you that dream will become a reality on January 26th….. AND I want to share it with YOU! This January, we will be holding our very last Pursuit 31 Retreat that includes a Stylized shoot. Don’t get me wrong, we will still be doing Pursuit 31 retreats in the coming months. However this will be the last one that we do with a stylized shoot as a part of it. We felt this was a decision that we needed to make to keep 2012 in line with the priorities of our families. We are extremely excited at all God is doing in 2012 with Pursuit 31 and feel so blessed that the retreats have been such a success in 2011.

With this being the last retreat with a styled shoot I knew we had to do something extra special! That is when the Aircraft Museum came head to head with my dream of shooting a Pearl Harbor themed wedding!!! I am SOOO beyond excited about this shoot it’s ridiculous. I can’t even comprehend all of the amazing details, not to mention the planes!!! I wasn’t planning on even announcing this retreat on the blog because it nearly sold out with just announcing it in the Pursuit 31 group! However I am just feeling so SOOO blessed this Christmas that I wanted to pass on that blessing to all of you who have been such an amazing support to me.

So here it goes… we have a few spots left for our Portland Pursuit 31 retreat and we are going to go Christmas Crazy for 24 hours ONLY and sell those last few seats for $250! We have never done this before and will never do it again! I just know a lot of people have wanted to come to this shoot and couldn’t because of finances. So if you’ve been waiting… here’s your chance!!! You have until Saturday morning at 9 am to get your seat at $250! For the entire retreat! Just use the code Christmas at checkout 🙂  If you want to learn a little more about what our retreats are like, visit www.pursuit31.com


Can’t wait to meet you!

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