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Seamless study

I haven

I haven’t been strong lately. Or super faithful for that matter. Gods silence in my pleading has caused me to pause and wonder in ways that haven’t come to the surface in quite some time.But last night I dove head first into @angiesmith19 ‘s #seamlessbiblestudy and was rocked to the core. I’m not usually a bible study gal, but when things were put in a context I could actually understand I became fascinated.What hit me most was the blind obedience by so many men and women of Faith. Without explanation, understanding, or details, Abraham, Noah, Hagar, and many others just obeyed. They acted.They didn’t wait for everything to be lined out perfectly, or make sure they had a cushion of comfort on the other side of their faith step, they just went. And you know what? God came through, just like He said He would.As I continue in a season of waiting, sometimes the silence is suffocating, and the doubting debilitates me.The holding pattern gets me to feel like God won’t actually come through, and that the season is forever.But that’s simply not true. He is always working. Even the desert is a part of His plan. When Joseph’s brothers came to get grain, he embraced them, and told them that even him being sold into slavery was Gods divine hand. How encouraging is that?!?!? Whatever we are facing, God is in it. Whatever we are waiting on, God is working.So lets lift our eyes not on today, but to the Maker of today. And thank Him so much for showing up. Even when we can’t see Him. We know He’s there, working on our behalf.Lettering & photo by my dearest @jordanne__marie

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