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Get started with Young Living essential oils

Hey friends!!!

So you’re wanting to make healthier choices for your family, and you’re ready to jump in!


In early 2017, I got my Young Living starter kit, and my only regret is not jumping in sooner.  This has been the best investment I’ve made for my families health, emotional stability, and overall atmosphere of our home in our entire marriage.

I am SO excited for you to get started, and to get to know you more as a member of our community!

All you have to do to join is purchase one of these starter kits below!  SOOOO EASY!

There are 3 choices of starter kits, and each one will give you:

  • A wholesale membership with Young Living ( 24% off all of your orders forever)
  • Access to our amazing wellness community including mentorship programs, classes, recipes, tips and more.  ( We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to incorporating essential oils in your life is feeling overwhelmed, and not understanding how to use them.  That was exactly my story before I joined this community, and I feel like I won the community jackpot.  So come sit with us!  We’re waiting for you! )
  • An incredible starter kit of some of my all time FAVORITE Young Living products!



This kit is PERFECT if you’ve been doing your research about chemicals found in home products, and you want to RESET your home by switching out cleaners and soaps to less toxic versions.  If you are curious what is in your current household cleaners, soaps, shampoos and makeup, check out the Think Dirty App and scan your cabinets!




This kit is my personal favorite, and it’s the only thing in Young Living that is 50% off!  This kit has changed our lives in more ways than I can possibly count, and it comes with over $340 worth of products  If you’ve been thinking about getting started with essential oils, or you’ve been hearing about how good they are for your health, immune system, hormones, rest habits, and muscle soreness, THIS is the kit for you!

I can’t tell you how empowered I feel as a wife, mommy and woman to have natural remedies to use on myself and my family when issues arise.   And if you don’t know how to use them… NO PROBLEM!  That’s what our amazing community is for!  We have classes, live videos, training, booklets, and of course, you can message me ANYTIME, and I will get the answers for you!




This is the kit you’ll want if your main focus is getting your body and energy back in shape!  Think superfood smoothie on crack, that tastes like glory, and fills you up with incredible antibodies, immune boosts and amazing energy!

Ningxia is technically not Whole 30 Compliant because it has stevia in it, but you couldn’t pay me enough money to stop drinking this for 30 days, so I will be incorporating it into my Whole 30 meal plan.  Aside from the vitamins and energy it provides, drinking this supplement daily has done miracles for curbing my sweet tooth.  And that is a MUST during Whole 30.. so you can better believe I will be drinking my 2 oz a day!



See… easy peasy!  Just click on one of the links above to get started!

Once your purchase is complete, we will send you an email with links to join our private FB groups!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, or if you have any questions.  I’m here for ya!x





Some questions I’ve been getting:


Q. This is amazing.. but I’m not sure I’m doing it right… are you Haven Hill Ministries?

A.  You are so sweet… I’m sure you’re doing great.. and YES!  My referral name is Haven Hill Ministries.. thank you so much for asking!


Q. All of those kits sound amazing!  I can’t decide because I want it all.  What should I do?

A. Each kit is incredible and a HUGE value.  Honestly I started with the essential oil & diffuser kit because it’s the most savings.. it’s over 50% off of retail pricing.  Over the past several months I’ve started buying the Thieves line, and the Ningxia line and I will continue to!  I love it all!

Q.  Do I have to sign up for monthly autoship?

A. The autoship is completely optional, so you don’t have to at all.  But trust me, once you get these products in your hands and start to use them, you’re going to want to join for sure!  They give away hundreds of dollars of FREE products to Essential Rewards members every month when you place qualifying orders, and everything I buy earns me 20% back in points to use towards more free things!    If Target or Amazon gave me 20% back to buy more things I’d lose my mind.  And let’s face it… I basically do lose my mind each month when I see all of my free goodies!


Q.  Does buying a starter kit mean I need to sell oils?

A.  Not at all.  Becoming a member qualifies you to be a distributor if you choose to turn your love of the products into a business at some point, but there is no expectation or requirement to do so.


Q.  This website is confusing… how do I sign up?

A.  I TOTALLY get that.. I had to have someone walk me through it when I signed up also.  I made this video to walk you through the process and hopefully help answer all of your questions.


If you still have questions.. reach out to me by sending me an email karen@pursuitcommunity.com or sending me a DM on FB or IG.  I respond pretty fast to oils questions, and I can’t wait to have you as a part of our community!