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2011 Thirst Relief Mentor Auction

Back in September Isaac and I had the honor of hosting Jim Davis-Hicks and his family for a week when they were on the Thirst For More tour. What I am about to say is something I don’t take lightly and definitely don’t say often, but spending the week with their family was seriously life changing.  I was challenged in ways that I didn’t even know I could be challenged.  You know, those instances where you are forced to look into the deep What’s & Why’s? Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  Why am I feeling stirred and confused?  What could all of this possibly mean?

They came as strangers and left as dear, dear friends who I am so blessed to have in my life.   If you don’t know of Jim and his work yet, then my first piece of advice is, YOU SHOULD!  He is a ridiculously incredible Wedding Photographer and in 2005 became the Founder of Thirst Relief International.  A non-profit organization that brings clean water to the world.

Seriously…. google him now… I will wait.

Epicness am I right? If you already know about Jim and Thirst Relief than I’m certain you already agree.  If you are anything like me, now that you’ve been introduced you will most likely spend hours scouring the pages of these websites.

During our time together Jim asked me if  I knew about the Thirst Relief Mentor Auction.  Honestly, I had heard buzz about it last year at WPPI because two of my roomies modeled for the WPPI benefit shoot but I wasn’t super familiar.   He explained that photographers from all over donate their time and other goodies to the photography community in an auction format and all of the proceeds go to Thirst Relief to save lives.  WOW! AMAZING Right?  That is all I needed and I knew I just had to get involved.

So… here is it… a fun announcement. Starting TONIGHT at 11 PM PST… that’s 8 PM for us westcoasters and the sunset hour of 5 PM for all of my Hawaiian friends…. it will be ON!

Are you excited? I’m EXCITED!!!! I FULLY intend on bidding a ton during this auction. My good friend Emily Scott won a Mentor session last year with Promise Tangeman and said it was beyond amazing. I am seriously looking forward to getting my “Mentee On” this year and soaking up some of the goodness this Auction has to offer.

In other fun news… We will be participating as Mentors this year as well!!! EEEEEK!

Here is what is included in our Auction!

A 90 minute mentoring session over coffee/lunch with Isaac and Karen Stott either at WPPI or in one of the cities we are touring in 2012. If you live close to Oregon we can always meet up around here, or skype if you won’t be in any of these places.  However face to face is our fav… and as a bonus we get yummy food! (value $400)

A reserved seat at one of our Pursuit 31 Retreats for 2012 ($650 – $800 value)
This is obviously for Women only… If you are a guy and you win our Auction then you are free to give this seat away to a lucky lady!

A sweet Limited Edition Pursuit 31 T-shirt (priceless…lol)

A Pursuit 31 Workshop Notebook filled with all sorts of tips, tricks and branding secrets. ($100)


If you are STILL on the fence about bidding on the Mentors for this years Auction…

1.  Shame on you…. just kidding…

2. Please please PLEASE check out this video.  Remember ALL proceeds that are earned from this Auction go directly to Thirst Relief.


Thirst Relief Short from Anton Lorimer on Vimeo.

Thanks SO much for stopping by! The bidding time for the Auction is VERY short so please don’t hesitate to bid away! Thank you all so much for your support.

Isaac and I are really looking forward to chatting with the lucky winner!

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