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God dreams bigger than I do…

As many of you know we’ve had to keep our lips quite sealed for the past few months.  But alas… It. Is. Time!  The thing is, I hate surprises.  I always have.   So having to keep all of this from you has been horrible.  I can just feel the anticipation from everyone and I want you to know that your support and excitement blesses me beyond words!!!

So… let’s backtrack a bit…. This year has been been an adventure I will cherish forever.  What began with a lonely cry blossomed into one of the most amazing communities and treasured friendships I could ever imagine.  Pursuit 31. With a mere 8 members in February to over 1300 today you can say that in the very least, I am floored.

Floored at the support….

Floored at the need….

and Floored at what God can do in your life if you simply say… “okay…. use me.”

Every step that we have taken with Pursuit 31 has been God ordained… if He wanted us to do a retreat in a certain city….it was very apparent and seats sold out right on time.  If He didn’t, that was made clear as well.   As someone who wrestles with fear issues you can only imagine how much of  a blessing this was.  I simply didn’t have to worry.  God was going to do, just as He wanted.  All I had to do was take the first step.  And so I did.

After 4 incredible retreats in Nashville, San Francisco, Seattle and Connecticut I had a stirring that He wanted something bigger…. something a little…….. no……… WAY out of my comfort zone.  And that is what brings us to today.  I started seeing visions of Creative Women who love Him all gathering together for rest, encouragement and inspiration.  A getaway, where pampering is the norm and inspiration is found around every corner.   Toss in some amazing worship & incredible teaching from Dawn Davis, Jody Gray, Katelyn James, Jane Johnson, Elizabeth Ann King and Desirea Rodgers of Love 146 and I think we may just have the event of the year!  At least in my opinion!!!!


I could keep on blabbing but I think the video and website do a better job of explaining than I do.  So without further ado… we present to you… The Pursuit 31 Conference!!!!

Elizabeth Ann and I had the pleasure of visiting Winshape for the weekend and getting to experience the amazing facility first hand. We did NOT want to leave and I am counting the days until we return with all of you!


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  • DAWN DAVIS - I’m so excited to be part of this adventure with you all…!!!! It’s an incredibly wonderful feeling to give yourself completely and wholeheartedly to our dear Lord. He has not steered me wrong once since I stopped thinking that my life was in my control. I’m so blessed by his presence in my life. He’s is our father and when we finally break down all the barriers, we can feel Him right there! It’s a wonderful feeling!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  • Kristal Locke - Love!!!

  • Jessica Frey - SOO proud of you Karen, what an experience you’ve created….can’t wait to give you hugs in person soon miss you dearly!!!

  • Melinda Bunker - I can’t wait to attend!! xoxo

  • Melinda Bunker - BTW…YOU know I am so proud of you Karen! 🙂

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