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My heart for the Intentional Home


A little piece of my heart wrapped up in pretty paper…

I’ve received a lot of questions about these little beauties in the last few days and I’m just so blessed. Thank you for taking interest in this little love of mine. I had the chance to use mine for the first time today and I’m even more smitten than I thought I would be. After building my day right starting with Gods word and thanksgiving I was reminded of what was really important and my to do list was paused for a few hours. However since I only write down what is achievable for the day it didn’t throw me off course or make me feel unproductive. I actually felt even more productive because it helped keep me accountable to what really matters.

So today…. My favorite little space is the Intentional Moment space. Because it caused me to pause. To slow down. And to create for me the days I dream of living. Days full of intentional love. Sewing into people’s love languages and carving out a life that honors God and grows what He’s given me.

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