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Our Journal is HERE!!!

2013 Shay Cochrane

It’s here! It’s here!  And wow… it was so worth the wait.  I’ve been working on these lovely journals for about 6 months, and then another 3 of production time and I am just smitten that they are finally in my hands.   I’ve already received so many sweet comments from those of you who’ve purchased one and I’m so thankful to hear that you are liking it as much as I do.  Thank you for sharing your story with me!

2013 Shay Cochrane


New here?  Wondering the story behind these lovelies?  Well here ya go…

For ten years I have ran multiple businesses out of my home while juggling other responsibilities like wifey, mommy, driver, chef, maid.. you get the picture. I struggled deeply with staying on task and actually getting things done. So often I would reach the end of the day, look around at the piles of laundry and mayhem on my desk and wonder.. what exactly DID I accomplish today? And fitting in a quiet time? Forget about it.

I knew I needed to find something that would help me stay on task. And not only for practical purposes, but for my spiritual health as well. I searched endlessly trying to find something that would work for the way my brain ticks. And nothing. I have dear friends that design gorgeous planners that I love looking at, but they don’t fit my lifestyle. I didn’t need something that scheduled. My personality just can’t wrap my mind around timelines and appointments. Yes.. I laugh at myself about that. But it’s true.

What I needed was something…. One thing that could do the job of many. I needed a planner, a journal, something to keep me washed in the word, something to help me focus on what mattered and what needed prayer. I needed a rough “guide” for my days. And I needed it to be compact enough to fit in my purse. I spend 98% of my days at home balancing all of my roles. I don’t have a lot of appointments other than dance class and football practice, this “planner” I was looking for needed to reflect a looser system. Last spring I started to design what my perfect day would look like. I wanted to read the Bible every day… focus my heart on gratitude. Focus on a few completable tasks each day, and remember to slow down enough to cultivate the moments I wanted my children to remember. At first I just used scratch paper, or napkins but soon, I had it all mapped out and hired a designer to make it even prettier. I started printing out these papers every day and using them to keep me on track. And you know what??? It DID!!!! I found myself getting more accomplished and feeling more at peace and less overwhelmed. Eventually they began cluttering my desk and I needed to get rid of them, but I was so sad about it. I mean, I had poured my heart out on these pages. They held my accomplishments, my fears, my thoughts and dreams. I couldn’t just trash them! That’s when it dawned on me how incredible it would be if I had a collection of these sheets that I could keep for generations and reflect back on. And a pretty little purse sized journal seemed like the perfect fit.

So here we are, a few hundred hours and several months later, and I’m THRILLED to show this little lady off to all of you! I am seriously smitten. And I hope and pray that this little piece of my heart is a blessing to many women, girls, mama’s, grandma’s and business ladies who are trying to be more purposeful with their days.


intentional home daily inside pages
intentional home daily little spaces
2013 Shay Cochrane
intentional home daily undated

The Details:

This gorgeous spiral bound hardcover journal is as pretty as it is useful. The 5×8 size makes it perfect for using at your desk, carrying in your purse or writing in while you watch kids at practice. At least it does for me! The spiral binding allows you to fold it completely in half for easy writing when away from your desk. There is a page at the beginning to write your name in case someone finds it, or if there are more than one of you in your home that use it. Like my daughter and I.

The setup of this journal is the first one of it’s kind and is filled with a combination of goal sheets, to do lists, prompted thoughts, daily Bible verses, prayer needs, praise reports, free journaling space and ways to love on others. It is broken down into weeks and then days. At the beginning of each week you will find a section to refocus your heart and jot down what is important to you for the week ahead “memories I want to make” and “anything & everything”. Next you will find your “Intentional Day” pages. Each day of the week has 4 pages. The first one begins with a Bible verse for the day followed by guided prompts to help bring focus, purpose and fulfillment to your days. Pages 2-4 are free journalling space. They could be used for additional comments from the previous page, an added to do list, writing out your prayers or thoughts or really anything your little heart desires. There are seven of these 4-page days and then it starts over. All of the pages are undated because we want you to get the most use out of the journal as possible. If you use it every day, GREAT! If you use it every few days, AWESOME! We don’t want you to have wasted blank pages so we left the dates to you! This journal covers 10 weeks ( 70 days )

intentional home daily weekly prompts
intentional home daily wire binding foldover

 The mission:  Every dollar of profit from these journals goes into our Adoption fund.  We have been in the process for seemingly forever, and every purchase gets us one step closer to bringing our sweet babe into our family.  Search “adoption” for more of our story.

Something Fun:  WE ARE GIVING AWAY 2 JOURNALS!!!!  To enter… leave a comment and click post to Facebook… then PIN one (or several) of these images to Pinterest.   Each thing counts as one entry!

I will pick 2 winners Wednesday March 11th and announce it on the blog!

Visit these journals in our shop here

  • Stephanie Tait - I love love love my copy of this journal. Time to get some for friends as gifts now I think.

  • L. Heggie - Ah! Karen – this makes me so excited! Thank you, sweet friend, for pouring your heart into a product created in order to help us pour out our concessions to the Lord. I am so grateful for you! XO

  • Amy Wadlington - Oh my gosh! Love this! I am a journal junkie and this might be the best I’ve seen.

  • Ashley Kester - Love this! I can’t wait to order one!! 😀

  • Christina Nichole Dizon - LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! <3

  • Casey Hollins-Sprouse - I love journals so much 🙂 This is great!

  • Angie Ochoa - I NEED this!!! I need something tangible that will help me to really get back to the basics with my walk with God. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Rebekah Wallace - This journal is the perfect balance between keeping track of tasks while not being a slave to them. I love the spiral format and that I can set it on the kitchen counter or on the desk beside me to scribble my thoughts as they come.

  • Caci Hyman - Love this and the design!

  • LaRae Humes - I love the intentionality (not a real word) of these journals! They are gorgeous and the fact that the profit is going toward your adoption is a beautiful testimony!

  • Alexandra Cintron - These are absolutely gorgeous journals. I love them. P.s. pick me! 🙂

  • Emily Ku - What a great idea! I have a separate agenda and journal and never thought about combining them.

  • Katie Ingraham - I am so excited for you! These seem perfect for busy mamas to make sure we stop and really take in the moments. I can’t wait to get my hands on one:)

  • Lauren Lawrence - I love this idea! A journal AND planner that isn’t rigid or super scheduled but something that helps me keep on task as well as keep my focus on where it should be- The Lord and the people He has placed in my life. I could really use this as a mom of a 2 year old and a 3 month old.

  • Naomi Gantner - Wooow!!! Love it!!! 🙂 you did a great job. 🙂

  • Maren Miller - These look amazing! I have been searching for something exactly like this and have never found it… until now! Woop!

  • Elisabeth Christian - Ahhh! Somewhere to organize my mommy brain all in one spot?!?!? Where have you been all my life? The journal is beautiful! Congrats on its completion/release!!!

  • Ashlee Faison Wallace - So excited for this journal! I love all of the printouts that Karen provides through Intentional Home & I just know I’m going to fall in love with this journal!

  • Lindsey Yeagley - Oh my gosh I NEED this!!! This is so great! Just the right amount of girly too 🙂

  • Larissa Clark - Wow! I Saw Maren Miller post and had to check it out! (Maybe she gets an extra entry?!?!?) I am loving the look of these… and more importantly, these pulled my heart strings a little. So beautiful!

  • Brianna Cox - I’d love to win the intentional home journal to help keep me organized and get back on track with daily devotions <3 it's such a lovely layout too!

  • Sally Nelson O'Donnell - Gorgeous!

  • Melissa Pepin - I adore this journal. Its silly to say that a little book can change your perspective but Ive said it over and over again about this journal..it has LITERALLY been a deep breath of fresh air, intentional heart, and perspective in my journalling routine. I kinda want to order a bunch of these just in case one day they don’t exist so I can still make sure its available for me to use! hehehe

  • Hannah Schonewill - I love the organization of this that allows daily thoughts and prayers to be intertwined with the daily schedule!

  • Tami Minso Troy Henion - I love seeing how a beautiful heart transpires just as beautifully to pen and ink. I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous planner since the new year. Just lovely!

  • Lorri Waldron Wright - Pretty journal. But, I love girly things.

  • Courtney Wise McComb - This is perfect and beautiful!! Love this simple planner 🙂

  • Sabrina Fields - Oh Karen, I love these journals!! I’m only partially through the one that I have but I already know I want to get another one before this one is totally full. It’s so pretty and so practical for what I need and how my brain works! Thank you so much for these!!

  • Jackie Bailey - Oh my goodness. Yes! I need this in the worst way!!

  • Amanda McIntosh - This looks awesome! I would really like to try one. 🙂

  • Anne Champion - Oh I love the design and simplicity of this journal! Devotions will look great in this. I’m thankful you’re doing this giveaway. I also pinned on Pinterest.

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