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Karen has a deep passion for encouraging women to walk fully alive in Christ not only in their homes and families, but in their businesses too.  Building several of her own businesses in the past 10 years to six figure incomes, she has a passion for helping others take their dreams, and turn them into real life, profit making, Kingdom reaching endeavors.

In addition to business talks, she has overcome many obstacles in her life, such as escaping an abusive church, experiencing chronic pain that kept her from holding her baby, an emotional betrayal in her marriage, and losing a house, their cars, and all of their savings in the last recession.  All of these things nearly destroyed her, but in the end, brought her closer to Christ, and more alive than ever before.   With a deep well, she has emerged with an unquenchable fire to share the freedom she has found.


Popular Subjects-

  • Business Talks:

The True Proverbs 31 woman – a journey into how God wove women as entrepreneurs.

Passion to Profit- exploring our God given talents, and the potential for turning them into a profitable business that enables us to impact our family, our communities and the kingdom of God.

Never Alone -we were never meant to be alone.  To live alone, create alone, work alone.  This talk explores how God knit us to need each other, and how even HE created in community.


  • Faith Talks:

Never Say Never – Karen walks with her audience through several stories that she told God she would never do, and how he led her through them into deeper waters of knowing Him.

Gospel Love – What happens when tragic news hits your home and knocks you off your feet.  We are given a choice.  To walk away, or to press into Love.   Forgiveness meets it’s greatest challenge in the deepest pain.  And walking it out is no picnic either.  This talk challenges women to walk in forgiveness and grace in their relationships, and puts a whole new perspective on the gospel.

The Next Yes-  Our journey with God is merely a long road of choices.  This talk helps women see the patterns God is speaking to them, and helps them discern when it is Him, them, or others.


  • Motherhood talks:

Weaving a Legacy- More than ever, our kids need to know that they were woven with purpose.  In this talk Karen shares her motherhood journey of walking in intentionality with each of her children, and helping them to grow in their unique calling.  Sometimes, at extreme costs to herself.

Introvert Mama- “Sound the alarm… I was not cut out for this”.  As an introvert in a world of talkers, it can feel as though you are losing your mind every day.  In this hilarious, and down to earth talk, Karen brings listeners on a journey of overcoming her natural bent to thrive in motherhood, and also fill up her tank along the way.


Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

  • 20 city tour with Pursuit Community ( Times & Locations TBA 2017 – ongoing )
  • Curious Living Summit (Online)
  • Pursuit Mama-Preneur Conference

Past Speaking Events:

  • Making Things Happen Spring & Fall 2014
  • United Conference Annually 2012-2014
  • Pursuit Conference 2011-Present
  • WPPI Sponsored floor speaker 2013


After a break from speaking after having her 3rd baby in the winter of 2013, Karen is now traveling more and booking a select number of speaking engagements per year.  Please email us if you have any questions, or would like to book her for your event.


Karen Stott speaking clip from Pursuit Community on Vimeo.