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Top 10 South Carolina Wedding Venues | Plantations

Somewhere way deep down, I’ve always felt just slightly misplaced.  Growing up on 100 acres in the backwoods of Oregon surrounded by boys, logging, and killing our own food there was always a part of me that just didn’t “fit” with my surroundings.  My Hudson jeans stood out like a sore thumb in the world of Carharts and Wranglers.    Obviously as a wedding photographer gorgeous backdrops make me giddy.  Getting to photograph a couple in love is the best part of my job, but put them with incredible old architecture and I’m pretty much in heaven.  I kept dreaming of beautiful old estates with pillars of white and arches adorning every doorway.  Yet everywhere I turned I was greeted with wood planked buildings nestled amongst a grove of pine trees.  And to top it off,  there was most likely animals hanging on the walls.  I began to think that maybe these places didn’t exist.  That maybe I would never photograph the perfect storm of a couple in love in the setting of my dreams.

But Oh was I wrong!!!

After six years photographing weddings all across the country and internationally, my heart started to ignite again on a recent trip we took to shoot a wedding in the south. Driving through the countryside of Georgia & South Carolina we began to pass these incredible old Plantations that literally made my jaw drop and my breath gasp.   Oh to put our incredible couples in these places I thought…. I just might faint with excitement.  Okay, I won’t really faint but there really are no words to express my excitement as I passed these exquisite old buildings.  I began to think that if I didn’t know these magical places existed, that maybe some of you Bride’s out there didn’t either!  And that my friends, would be tragic!  I am the type of girl who will search for hours for that perfect pair of shoes, so of course, I went a Plantations searching.  In my hours and hours of scouring the internet, I decided to pass on my findings and compile a Top Ten South Carolina Wedding Venues list… the plantations edition of course…. just for you.

Before we get started I just had to quote one of my favorite lines from the movie Sweet Home Alabama.  I thought it was quite fitting… “Now a Plantation by any other name is just a farm.  But it does roll off the tongue a little sweeter now doesn’t it?”


Without further ado.. my vote for the Best Plantation Wedding Venues in South Carolina …

(in no particular order)

Augusta Manor ~ Greenville South Carolina

Photo via Augusta Manor website


Gassaway Mansion ~ Greenville South Carolina

Photo via Gassaway Mansion website


Thomas Bennett House ~ Charleston South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo via Thomas Bennett website


Rose Hill Mansion ~ Hilton Head South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo via Rose Hill Website


The O’Donnell House ~ Sumter South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo by O’Donnell House website


Lowndes Grove Plantation ~ Charleston South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo via Patrick Properties


Magnolia Plantation ~ Charleston South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo via Magnolia Plantation website


Old Wide Awake Plantation ~ Between Savannah Georgia & Charleston South Carolina

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were married at the Old Wide Awake Plantation in 1999.. ya know… just in case you were wondering.

Photo by Old Wide Awake Plantation


Duncan Estate ~ Spartanburg Wedding Venue

Photo by Spartanburg Magazine


Lookaway Hall ~ North Augusta South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo by Lookaway Hall Website



Okay… I may have lied about the Top 10 because I just found one more and COULD NOT leave it out of this list…  You may have heard about it in the news recently as it is the place that Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively got married in this summer.   Can you even imagine a prettier place?  WOW!

So the final bonus Top Plantation Wedding Venue in South Carolina is….

The Boone Hall Plantation ~ Mt. Pleasant / Charleston South Carolina Wedding Venue

Photo by Boone Hall Website
Thank you SO much for stopping by in your search for your dream Wedding Venue!
We are SO very excited for this next stage in your life!  If you are still looking for a wedding photographer to document your special day, we would LOVE to talk with you! There is nothing Isaac and I love more than getting to be a part of preserving a couple’s love story.
Congratulations! We hope to chat soon!
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  • Cassandra Rothman - Very nice locations! Looks historical. 🙂 I think this is also good for a big wedding. -http://www.culverevents.com/

  • McConnell Hall - This is a truly great list- may I add a plantation house between Greenville and Clemson in South Carolina – McConnell Hall Plantation. Come visit! I’ll show you around! 🙂

  • Jessica Alexander Brown - Don!t forget one of the most historic towns in South Carolina….well besides Charleston of course! Abbeville, SC! The Discussions the began and ended the Civil War were held here. We have two gorgeous plantations that offer wedding services the Burt-Stark Mansion and the Hill House. We also have a beautiful old stable called the Livery Stables to host weddings! Come check us out!

  • Courtney Spence - The Magnolia Manor in Westminster, SC is also nice 🙂

  • Duncan Estate - Thank you for including the Duncan Estate as a Top Plantation Wedding Venue in South Carolina! We’re honored to be listed alongside such beautiful historic homes, and it’s such a blessing to serve as the backdrop for couples beginning their married lives together <3.

  • Julie Bunton Brackett - Rose Hill Estate in Aiken is gorgeous, too! http://www.rosehillestate.com/

  • Jamie Snow - Boone Hall was also the “summer house” in The Notebook 🙂

  • Jay Walter - Yes, these fine homes are indeed so majestic and beautiful it nearly erases their colorful history of malevolence, greed, murder, rape, enslavement, terrorism and genocide. Equivalent to nazi gas chambers and death camps they still provide a sense of power and prestige that built America. Architecture plays a major part, but the primary reason is that white people feel at home, a sense of peace with a symbol that fueled their wealth, power, land ownership and status to this very day.

  • Cynthia Lemmons Cantrell - Augusta Manor is no longer available. It has been closed down.

  • Gail Hanson - Another great plantation is in Pendleton, SC, and is available for functions upon reservation. Woodburn or the Woodburn Plantation is an antebellum house near Pendleton in Anderson County, South Carolina. It is at 130 History Lane just off of U.S. 76. It was built as a summer home by Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. They have a nice website and do lots of weddings…

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